Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge was founded in 1584 and has since been a historic building in the heart of Cambridge Central Conversation Area. Parts of the monastic Grade II building remain today whilst the heritage has been restored during the £21 Million scheme.

Emma enables; is the new developed buildings. This is the college’s most significant transformation in over 100 years and will transform the council’s aim to reduce carbon emissions in new development. The project has been in planning for a decade to ensure the campus would be exactly what they wanted including lasting for at least 300 years.

Specialised services include;

Roof Lighting maximising daylight to the social hub and event space, Natural Ventilation to the social hub, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, Open Loop Group Source Heat Pump to provide heating and cooling, Rainwater Harvesting, Low Flow Water Fittings, Efficient LED Lighting and Energy Saving Controls.

The scheme was planned by architects as a green development to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 50%.

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Cambridge, England


March 2023




21 Million