Our Vision & Values

Strong Past
Bright Future

Our Mission

At NUGENT, our mission is:
To create exceptional sustainable environments for the built world where people live & work through excellence in engineering, inspiration, & innovation.


Our Vision

At NUGENT, through our strong past bright future ethos our vision is:
To be the most trusted family-owned MEP Engineering provider & the long-term partner of choice for our clients in helping create exceptional sustainable environments through a culture of excellence.


Our Values

NUGENT is a values driven business, build on a 60-year history of Excellence. We work to achieve our vision through collaborative stakeholder relationships, excellence through innovation & best practice & by employing & developing people that are committed to personal development.

Our values have been forged & embedded throughout the business through our 60-year history. The NUGENT values are built on our strong past & provide a guiding light to our bright future.

Our six core values of Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity & Trust, Innovation, People & Passion are at the centre of everything that we do & are the foundation of our culture, built & forged through our strong past & part of the default culture–It is who we are.


Excellence Values

NUGENT do not compromise on safety or quality. Through our professional approach & brave enthusiastic leadership, we provide excellence through resilient, sustainable, innovative design, installation, commission & maintenance of MEP engineering solutions.

Collaboration Values

At NUGENT collaboration means listening & with all stakeholders evolving together, helping, & supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal. It reminds us we will not thrive without recognising one another’s strengths.

Integrity & Trust Values

NUGENT is committed to working with an open honest approach & demonstrating sound moral & ethical principles through everything we do. We operate with transparency & authenticity & a passion for the work we do.

Innovation Values

NUGENT has been at the forefront of innovation since our earliest days with leadership & commitment fostering a dynamic organisation in the developing & adaptation of MMC, Lean & efficient processes to solve business challenges, constantly learning, iterating & adapting to be the best we can be.

People Values

At NUGENT we put our people at the heart of everything we do. We always strive to attract, develop & retain the best people with shared core values to deliver sustainable growth.

Passion Values

At NUGENT, passion is the foundation for everything we do. We have a passion & confident in what we do committing to a positive, proactive approach to our work delivering a solution driven mindset & providing inspiration to others around us.

The NUGENT values are built from our 60+ year history & embedded into everything we do the values have been forged in our past and provide the guiding light to our future.