Queen’s University Belfast – School of Biological Sciences

The Queens University Belfast, School of Biological Sciences comprises of two main research groups: Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour and Environmental Economics and Molecular Bio-sciences.

The life sciences and agri-food sectors play a massive role in Northern Ireland’s economy, currently employing some 80,000 people and generating more than £5.5 billion each year. The new building will provides facilities to help grow the University’s life sciences sector, especially in areas such as agriculture/food science, food safety, disease/infection biology, diagnostics, waste management, ecosystems and the environment.

The new QUB School of Biological Sciences School, built at Chlorine Gardens in Belfast, offers state-of-the art teaching and research facilities for its 750 students and 170 staff, who will tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues.  Michael Nugent Ltd provided a full mechanical installation for the project as well as coordinating the BIM process for both the mechanical and electrical services. This is a landmark fully compliant BIM Level 2 project LOD 7 with COBIE asset information LOI7, QUB’s Flagship BIM programme, and the first ever in Ireland to be level 2 compliant. The new School of Biological Sciences was a heavily serviced and challenging Laboratory Building with associated teaching facilities requiring vast and complex mechanical services installation.

Construction Excellence Awards 2019 – Education Infrastructure Award  – Finalist


Belfast, N.Ireland


September 2018




40 Million