Catalyst Inc. Concourse III

Catalyst Inc. (previously known as NI Science Park) offers administrative facilities to knowledge-based enterprises. Spanning across three buildings and two glazed hinges – and at 165,000 squared foot in size – these three impressive buildings contain numerous offices and laboratories, as well as catering and conference facilities.

Concourse III is the latest of these three buildings. The unique design of the building means all pumping and ventilation pipes are exposed with no ceiling, The air conditioning system is run via a 4 pipe fan coil unit served by LTHW and CW. As these services were exposed, installation had to be succinct, tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

The design and installation process was therefore particularly challenging yet our skilled engineers ensured each fitting was carried out to the highest of standards. Although complex, we took great pride in being part of this state-of-the-art development.



Belfast, N.Ireland


August 2016




30 Million