NUGENT chosen charity for 2024 – The Children’s Cancer Unit Charity

NUGENT chosen charity for 2024 is The Children’s Cancer Unit Charity, based in Belfast.









The charity supports the work of the Children’s Cancer and Haematology Unit at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children which is the only hospital in NI children suffering from cancer can receive treatment from.

For over 30 years the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity have raised funds to enhance the facilities at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children to help every child and their family members. Without public donations and community fundraising efforts, the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity would not be able to do what they do for every child.

The charity supports the hospital to not only be a place to receive treatment but also a place where the children can confide in each other going through similar stages of their cancer. The play therapists utilise the use of play therapy to keep the children at ease, especially as some children live on the ward for quite some time receiving full time care.

‘Between 60-70 children in NI are diagnosed with cancer each year’. The charity helps children through multiple ways including; 

Staffing – funding for staff members

Equipment – with the guidance of medical professionals, the charity purchases equipment when needed including contributing £300,000 to a charity funded MRI scanner and paying for a new ultrasound scanner for the children’s hospital

Infrastructure – extending, upgrading and renovating multiple rooms across the unit

Training & Research – the charity fund important research and promote ongoing training

Teenagers & Young Children – in collaboration with four other charities, the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity established a new Teenagers and Young Adults Cancer Service with a regional support network including specialist nurses and social workers to assist those affected by cancer

Some children avail of these services for weeks, months and even years. For more information on the charity check out their video:


Throughout the year NUGENT have multiple fundraising efforts planned including recently hosting our first bake sale in January, with more exciting activities to come. Christmas 2022 the NUGENT team donated much needed toys to the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children which was greatly appreciated by the staff, children and families on the ward.

World Cancer Day Sunday 4th March – Together we can make a difference 

A day to celebrate all the individuals who fight cancer every day. Each year there are great advances in research, treatment and services provided to those who suffer from cancer. The power of fundraising for cancer related charities is incredible and greatly appreciated by those who avail of these services.

As we mark World Cancer Day, it is a day to be thankful for the medical teams at the Children’s Cancer Unit who help the children everyday in every possible way.

This year’s theme is – Close the Care Gap

#WorldCancerAwarenesssDay #WorldCancerDay