National Apprenticeship Week – Meet Reece

National Apprenticeship Week  Monday 6th February – Sunday 12th February

Apprenticeships are an incredible route for students to learn through a hands on learning experience alongside a highly qualified mentor.

We will be highlighting a few of our teams stories this week to encourage students who are considering the apprenticeship route.

Meet Reece Bell, 1st year Mechanical Apprentice who joined the NUGENT team in September 2022

Reece, tell us a bit about yourself

I went to school at Campbell College in Belfast before enrolling at the South West College to further my education. I currently study Building Services with Sustainable Energy at the South West College in Dungannon. I am based in the NUGENT Belfast office Monday – Thursday and I attend college on a Friday.

When you took an interest in the Plumbing industry?

I’ve always been intrigued in a career of this nature, but I would say I 100% knew I wanted to go down an apprenticeship route in this field during careers class in school.

What made you choose NUGENT for your apprenticeship?

NUGENT are a well known company especially within the Engineering industry. The company have worked on many projects and are a highly accredited business. I have a family connection who works within the company and the staff are treated well so I thought it would be perfect for me to begin my career to learn from others.

Do you enjoy the apprenticeship route so far and would you recommend the apprenticeship path to other students?

Yes, it is a more hands on and efficient approach to learning alongside other incentives i.e. no debt, better segue from full time education into the workplace

On a daily basis, what are your day-to-day tasks?

Working along Site Managers, assisting with pre-construction and construction stages of various NUGENT projects, such as :

  • Radiator schedules
  • Pump schedules
  • Drawing takeoffs

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Fully qualified having passed the foundation degree in BSSE and the Hons top up. I hope to continue working within the NUGENT team and build my career experience.