Meet Greg our MEP Placement Student

At NUGENT we are passionate about students joining our team to begin their career journey.

Meet Greg, our Mechanical and Electrical placement student. We asked Greg a few questions about his 3 month placement alongside our MEP Pre-Construction team.


What course are you currently studying? 

I am currently studying a Foundation Degree in Mechatronic Engineering, at the Southern Eastern Regional College in Lisburn. 


What made you choose your current course? 

I choose this course because, I always wanted to go into some type of engineering industry. Whether that had been Mechanical or Electrical or even renewable energy, but I was never sure what type. I was still questioning that throughout my time studying this course, yes, I did enjoy it, but I had never settled on what my final aim was. However this course provided me with the knowledge and practical skills in Mechanical/Electrical engineering, programming, robotics, PLCs and CAD/CAM as well as other important skills that are required for employment within the engineering Industry. That’s what I liked about it, it gave me a wide oversee of a lot of different aspects within engineering, without tying me down too early. I would say this course has helped me decide what type of engineering I wanted to go into. Coming to the end of 2nd year, which was deciding to do a 3 month placement, I chose this course to give me hands on experience before going to university. 


What made you choose NUGENT for your placement year? 

For my placement wanted to do Building services. Having Looked around and asking my dad who is an engineer, he had Suggested to have a look into NUGENT. After a bit of research, I discovered they had outstanding reputation, and were a well-built company, and it would give me a chance to see what building services was like.  


Tell us a bit about your typical duties in a day and what you have learned? 

A typical day for me would involve me working alongside the MEP Pre-construction team. Working on numerous projects, from schools to nursing homes and even hotels. Working on underfloor heating drawings, ventilation calculations, lighting calcs on dialux to determine LUX levels and updating existing drawings. These were just some of the things I got to do while being here. One of the biggest things I realised being apart of this roll was, even if you were doing the same thing for two different buildings it never felt the same and never became repetitive. There was always something new coming up and most of the time you where always doing something different, which always made it interesting and made me look forward to the next day.  


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 

I see myself having completed my studies and having a job in building service, possibly for NUGENT if I was lucky enough and  I would be working my way up to a higher position within the company. 


What advice would you give someone considering an a placement? 

My advice would be go and do it. There’s nothing to lose and you’ll gain experience. It will help you after your study’s when you are searching for a job. The one thing I would say is take your time when searching for a placement, do your research and you’ll find a great one like I did and you won’t want to leave.  


MEP Design Manager, Kingsley Bailie was Greg’s mentor for the duration of his 3 month placement. Kingsley said, “Greg is an eager young gent who is very keen to learn. Greg has been a great addition to the Belfast office and shows real enthusiasm to help and learn from all the engineers. On behalf of the NUGENT team we wish him all the best in his final year studies and he’s always welcome back!”


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